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Serviced offices go glam in London

Serviced offices are bland, generic and uninspiring, right? It’s time to think again... It’s easy to be snobby about serviced…
12 Mar 2010

Stuck in the past: real world offices

Elizabeth Choppin gets the lowdown on why, in the real world, the majority of offices in the UK are slow…
12 Feb 2010

Office of the Teenies

In late October, industry professionals convened at RIBA for a design charette to explore what the office of the next…
07 Dec 2009

Canary Wharf: Past, Present, Future

A year on from the 20th anniversary of breaking ground in the Docklands, Elizabeth Choppin observes how the development came…
16 Sep 2009

Gill Parker on opportunities in a downturn

Gill Parker, joint managing director of BDGworkfutures, explains how office design can aid staff morale while we wait for the tide…
15 Sep 2009

Signature design: needed or not?

Helen Parton investigates what manufacturers, specifiers and designers themselves have to say on the matter ... An office desk surface…
20 Aug 2009

Greening existing buildings

Ken Giannini, the newly appointed Interior Design Director for Scott Brownrigg, discusses the ins and outs of bringing existing office…
20 Aug 2009

Creative crunch: designers weigh in on the times

Kerstin Zumstein roams the streets of Milan during Design week and asks designers what they think the lasting effects of…
12 May 2009

Pelvic rotation in the office

Products designed especially for women normally make me a bit sceptical. Probably because in most cases it means a bright…
14 Apr 2009

Design hot spots

The onoffice team left our London-centric bubble to check out which designers are making a name for themselves away from…
09 Feb 2009

T5 - A BA workplace

Kathy Tilney, founding member of design consultancy Tilney Shane, has established herself as a workplace specialist over the past three…
12 Feb 2008

London Designers Celebrate Our 1st Birthday

08 Jan 2008

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